Beginner Springboard Diving Teachers - own personal notes

Beginner Springboard Diving Teachers – own personal notes

First written as a manuscript in 1979, for new teachers coming into a newly formed diving club

Beginner Springboard Diving Teachers have a set of notes!

New teachers – enjoy the fulfilment!


Springboard Diving Teachers may find this collection of diving hints useful. Prepared for new trainee teachers and coaches at the start of setting up a diving club.  My own personal corrective techniques were brought about by the very first and brand new beginner divers I had.  Their  first efforts!
Springboard diving hints for beginner springboard diving teachers stem from my own personal experiences from a few years, before the specialist diving club, when teaching and coaching diving in a swimming club.   It reflects my findings from the little girls and boys I taught who turned into big boys and girls and much to my delight met the match of many other good divers!
Everyone is different and have their own methods – the clue here is “hints” and personal to me!  Rather than be stored away in the attic,   if they help…GREAT!  I thank one very special person who I was very privileged to know,  giving me the confidence by liking what I wrote.  Sadly he is in memory only now and this is my tribute  “Thank you Wally from Merton Diving and Trampolining Club for reading these personal experiences teaching diving, and liking them, and wanting to see them generally published.”  Indeed they were locally published by Wally via  “Bathside Forum.”  This project sadly – because written in hand with many diagrams,  was difficult and too involved to prepare for general publication at that time.  Springboard diving and platform diving hints for beginner springboard diving teachers,  as mentioned explains my personal correction techniques and some phrases that I used during the course of my coaching.  Although they worked for me doesn’t mean they will always work.  Every coach has their own style.

I enjoyed compiling them at the time.  There have been great steps and advancement in the sport.  The good old basics are still always relied upon and these will never change!

Anne Green Jessel ©

After 10 years of Diving introduction to Reading inside Reading Swimming Club,  Albatross Diving Club of Reading was founded in 1978

Published January 2017

Here is the most recent Handbook published 2017, produced by
Nicky Watts – Coach



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