Stepping Stones through Diving Competition. Hurdling up to the top!

Stepping Stones through Diving Competition. Hurdling up to the top!

Stepping Stones through Diving Competition.

Stepping stones through Diving competiton will be assessed by your coach all the way!  You may start with “tasters”. These will be in very basic contests just suited to you! It will include jumps in the forward and backward directions with different shapes of your body. More on this to come. The object here is to learn and show how you can control and stretch all the parts of your body from taking off and entering the water.

Coupled with little contests are grades, tests and certificates. Exercises will be provided for you to practise – either in a dry gym or from the poolside. You may even use the lowest springboard in your pool. You might even be ready to jump from the higher boards, learning how to ‘line up’ your body for entering the water.

Next stage
The next stage could be that the competition may include jumps and dives from the low boards and gradually move higher.
The club that you attend may split the children into age-groups in order for children to dive against those in the same age band. These are usually 8-10 years; 11 – 13 years; 14 – 15 years; 16 -17 years; and seniors. Some clubs may have a competition for very young divers – under 8 years.

From the very beginning of starting your stepping stones,  there are constructive fun competitions for the very young divers, exploring what they can do. There are many clubs that hold “meets” where you are diving against those representing other clubs . “An Inter-Club Competition”  This is when you start to make new friends in the diving world,  and will always be on the scene whatever stage you achieve.

Very often you are going to be diving against these same divers in regional and national competition. It’s an opportunity to keep up to date with what they are doing! It’s not all hard work, there are many parties to enjoy and arranged outings, and you make many longstanding friends. You may be rivals but you can also be great pals. After all you are all in this sport of diving together.

As you improve and learn more, your stepping stones to diving competitions becomes more varied. Whether you are diving at club level; regional level; or national level the competition requirements are kept much the same. This naturally helps build a good basic programme for training.  Also although competitions take place all the years round, you may have some clumped over a short time period. It’s nice to know that whilst you are training for one competition it will cover the requirements for your next one!

So you’ve tackled all this…and now…. we go to competition structure and …the sky’s the limit!

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Turning Directions from the Board, travelling through the air. Diving Groups

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