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HOMEPAGE Lani and Celie learn about diving. They loved the challenge.


Learn Diving - Lani and celie - image

“I’d like to introduce you to the world of diving from the boards”


Learn Diving. Why appealing? Meet Lani and Celie – Dive in!

LEARN DIVING. CONTENTS OF A LIGHT HEARTED AND SIMPLE GUIDE FOR WATER BABES!Just as the book, the Chapters follow Leilani aka Lani and Celie through their learning below. The list of contents display the continuity, but it’s different with online format to present it booklike! Visitor, can land anywhere.  Not quite the same as reading a book from the shelf. But it’s fun nevertheless!


1.♦So What’s Diving? – Written specially for you and friends
2.♦You want to dive? – good diving decision
3.♦So where do you start? what happens?
4.♦Mum and Dads role – important members of your team
5.♦Your diving coach – your other half!
6.♦About the diving boards – low to high

Homepage - cheeky techniques - image

Cheeky techniques


7.♦Hidden talents cheeky techniques! – and some diving aids
Diving techiques – showing ’em
9.♦Diving stepping stones – the way forward
10.♦Turning Directions from the board. Diving groups?
11.♦The handstand dives – a special group
12.♦What are the body positions? – turning faster or slower in the air
13.♦FINA What’s the degree of difficulty? – the value given to each dive

Homepage Learn diving - scoring higher - image

It’s not always the more difficult dive to score the higher points


14.♦How you can score higher than – your cleverer opponent! Ah…
15.♦The dive numbers – a language to understand whichever country
16.♦The competition team of diving officials – who are they?
17.♦The recorders & dive sheets – they calculate you are the winner!
18.♦Hurdling towards the heights! – Competition structure
19.♦Synchronized diving – a spectacular event to thrill
20.♦Cliff diving. A few more steps to climb!


Learn diving - get to learning - image

Its time to start learning


Learn diving “So Dive in” was first written 1990 as a little book and accepted by the ASA. It was used for the “World Start Programme” at the time. Revised – online format.

The above chapters it will give you an over view of our favourite sport. They explain the judging system and the scoring system, plus who are responsible for the competitive angle of the sport.
A few progressions are talked about re both in your build up and into, and through the competition levels.

I hope when you sit comfortably at home and watch the top divers of the world performing the intricate movements from the boards and into their “rip” entries this little insight will help you understand the “ins and outs more.” Learn diving!

“Lani and Celie took their Mum to the diving pool
Mum thought they were acting so cool
Causethey always said they wanted to dive
and for that,their Mum was filled with pride.
Lani and Celie looked across to the very high board,
From which they watched divers that flew and soared.
They watched bounciest boards pressed down and up,
Watched boys and girls, with perfect run up
Flying forwards, backwards… whichever which way,
Showing different turns and shapes… come what may
Sliding into the water without a single splash
Oh goodness me they gasped “what panache”
The girls so wanted to join in all the fun
To join a club simply had to be done
Soon Lani and Celie will become part of a diving club
To acquire new friends and skills within this hub
Who knows they might become a champs one day
One thing is for sure, they’ll try to find a way!”




Written for Kids and Parents alike! So Dive in. Basics to diving.