Cliff Diving - an awesome taster in the world of diving.  An extra few steps to climb!

Cliff Diving – an awesome taster in the world of diving. An extra few steps to climb!


Cliff diving is for competitive divers that want an extra thrill. Moving up to 18 – 26 metres high! they dive from the rocks or specially constructed platforms.  You can find the platforms attached to bridges,  cliffs,  anywhere where there is a good depth of water, and investigated stringently for safety before it can become a designated competition venue.

There are  groups of scuba divers in the water. They await  near the point where the divers plunge down .  The divers are travelling many miles per hour and any mistake could result in a nasty injury.  The cliff divers have to be precise with their take offs from the rocks or platforms, ( and even someone’s back yard high up on the cliffs!). They need to be sure of their acrobatics in the air, and timing,  in order to land safely FEET first through the water.  Never from such heights are head first entries.
The scuba divers keep an eye under the water, as the divers plunge deep, to make sure that they are safe and sound.

It goes without saying that the cliff divers prepare their bodies and minds for such skills.  They build up their muscles, strength and stamina.  They are devoted to their well being.  Many hours in the dry diving gym are spent practising twisting and somersaulting.  A different mind set is necessary,   and when it comes to the water, they progress slowly but surely, up towards the ultimate height laid down in the rules and regulations.  As yet it is not an Olympic event.  I believe there are discussions with FINA (already mentioned – the governing body of our aqua sports)  so at some point it might well be included.

Cliff diving in pembrokeshire - image

Pembrokeshire Wales. Can you spot the diver?  – (bbc archives)

However Cliff diving IS a World event and divers from many countries compete against each other in a tournament known as the World Series.  This event is moved from one country to another – in series – during a year,  and the ultimate event together with their tally of scores from previous rounds, decide who is the all round World Champion.  It is interesting to note that Pembrokeshire  in Wales is one of the venues during the Series.

Just as requirements are laid out for all diving competitions, Cliff diving is no exception.  A certain number of dives have to be performed from so many turning directions (Diving Groups),  and the degree of difficulty added into their scores.

Cliff divers evolve usually from being once National and International divers,  especially highboard/platform,  from which their 10 metre platform training and events prepare a solid base to move higher- at least twice as high + – up onto the Cliffs.  The divers get the taste for further challenge,  and to win more Gold medals!

Cliff diving is thrilling and the event attracts thousands of spectators.  You catch them decorating the rocks all around,  in boats and on floating platforms, wherever there is a good vantage point there isn’t an inch of space unfilled.  Together with the beautiful weather conditions ,  and spectacular vistas in all of the countries,  it is indeed a wonderful weekend away and an awesome experience to watch the agility and talent of the daring  Cliff Divers

Search Cliff Diving on the internet.  So much to see!  Here is a utube video that wraps it all up in Pembrokeshire.




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