Synchronized Diving is a spectacular event and is set to thrill

Synchronized Diving is a spectacular event and is set to thrill

Synchronized Diving is a spectacular event and is set to thrill

Synchronized diving first and foremost, is the spectacular invention of two divers diving as one!

Synchronized diving, a truly spectacular competition, was introduced into the Olympic Games in Athens in the year 2000. Two British boys won a silver medal! Peter Waterfield, and Leon Taylor who is none other than our regular TV unique; witty diving commentator. What a great honour for GB, and in this historic city too. The birth place of the Olympic Games. This awe-inspiring event is challenging, spectacular and very skilful…also good fun!

What is Synchronized Diving?
Synchronized diving is basically when two divers dive together from each of their boards. Their aim is to dive as one!  The timing, the shape or body position,  the distance from the board in the air,  and the entry into the water should be the same.

Diving pools are constructed nowadays for holding this superb event. You may wonder why there are two 1m Springboards and two 3M springboards in the diving centres built today?

Also you may wonder why your diving pool is closed for a while? This may be because the 10M platform is being widened to take two divers at the same time.

The synchronized diving competitions are usually two males diving together, or two females. Today a recently mixed synchronized diving event has been introduced.  It is what it says – a male and female diving together.

Your audience can’t help but catch their breath when your synchronized dives plunge down from the 10M highboard. You both of course finish with a “rip” entry, sucking the water down with you, hardly making a ripple. It makes the crowd want to jump up, shout and cheer.

Working together
You wear the same costumes; you practise over and over again; you take off from your own board and dive the same dive in time with your partner. Synchronized diving starts from both your approach’s to the end of the board – whether into a hurdle step,  or taking up your starting positions for a backward or inward take off.

You may even develop the same mannerisms before starting your dives! For example you might wiggle your fingers when you are about to “go.” You might brush your hair out of your eyes together – whether it needs it or not! With your arms stretched down at the sides you could both move your elbows in and out until you feel a comfortable starting position. You might even make a final adjustment to your costumes!… and all this will be together… as one!Synchronized diving hurdle step - image

Synchronized diving Twisting - image

Synchronised diving preparing for entry


You choose which of you will give the signal to start walking down the board,  either forwards into a hurdle step or towards a standing take off for backwards and inwards group. You keep in time with each other as if “you were one.”

How are the points awarded for Synchronized Diving?
There are nine judges. Five judges are allocated to each of you and judge the TECHNIQUE of your dives. The remaining four judges mark purely the synchronization or “togetherness” of your dives. The judges will look at your take off from the board. Are you as one?

As well as your take off they look to see if you are the same distance away from the board, and also your height in the air. They analyse your movements as you somersault and twist – however complex or simple. Last of all they eye up your entry points into the water. Are they “whoosh” together through the water and in line with each other?

It’s breathtaking when divers “get it together.” It will take hours of practise using the dry gym and poolside. You’ll begin with jumps and take offs. After getting the timing good you will steadily move up the heights of diving boards and increase the number of half somersaults and half twists. Then …the 10 Metre highboard!

It’s interesting to note that a top synchronised diving partnership could be training miles away from each other. Each diver could be at opposite ends of the country . They are so good at their job. When they meet up in their events, they are perfect!

A good introduction to Synchronized Diving can be fun
You can take part in fun contests at club level. Usually winding up a club’s annual event/gala.   This is to develop you,  and the other divers, giving you chance to be inventive.

You can dress up as the latest gremlin, fairy, 007, or officers of the law. Although losing a tu tu or two, followed by tights, moustache and beard is hilarious. It does however have the serious element of preparing you for the future. Lots of spirit grows diving together as one!

As you move up and compete in regional competitions and above, then synchronised diving events become very serious. 

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