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Written for Kids and Parents alike! So Dive in. Basics to diving.

Written for Kids and Parents alike!  

Who wants to have a go? Mums and dads too!

Written for kids diving is a wonderful sport. Described in a unique way.  Written for kids gives an over all introduction which is lighthearted and amusing.  This basic guide talks about diving progressions, who’s who, how how, and the steps towards the development of a young (or adult) diver whether for fun or with gold medals in mind!
Plunge into learning about this fascinating sport. There are also some of my own personal diving tips and experiences when setting up a club.
Diving is a wonderful satisfying refreshing sport. Nurturing the novice child in the correct way brings fun and achievement – you just can’t go wrong!


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So Dive in little ones!

TO CHAPTER 2- “What IS Diving”

What’s diving? – Spacial awareness with style – that’s diving!