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Joining a Club to start Diving and what happens when you do?!

Joining a Club to start diving and what happens when you do?!

Joining a club and finding one is the first task!  Your parents and yourself will be able to find out where the local diving classes take place – either from the swimming pool, library, newspapers or word of mouth. Perhaps you already know of someone already taking lessons?

It’s very good fun when joining a club. You’ll be one of a group of children who have probably been attending the diving club a little longer. First steps will be for you to be grouped in a class equal to your ability.

You’ll be assessed. The coaches will decide how best to start you off. Don’t worry about this assessment. It’ll be fun and you’ll enjoy the sessions. It’s your chance to show off some of your antics during a relaxing atmosphere!

There are many poolside exercises, which should be practised over and over again. You can obtain just as much fun by staying IN the water as out. Spinning and tumbling and learning particular sensations of a dive in the water rather than in the air. Turning upside down, flipping over, twisting and rolling is all part of the game. At least if you should make a mistake in the water, you can’t go “smack” and cry out “OUCH!”

A complete beginner such as yourself, and after a bit of play in the water, in time you’ll be taught various exercises from the side of the pool. You will learn how to jump into the water safely in all directions…forwards, backwards, and even sideways!

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From these simple exercises your coach will be able to assess how keen and how far you’ll go in the diving world.

Everyone can be a good diver – some will reach higher competition levels than others. It’ll be what is personal achievement for YOU  Bear in mind also that your co little divers  learn at different paces. Some start off slowly but still become excellent in the end, others learn quickly. It will take many sessions to build up confidence and show your friends and family how far you to go!

During lessons you’ll be taught to stretch and get all your muscles working. At first you may feel a little stiff the next day, but the more your muscles get used to it they will become kinder to you!
You’ll become aware of different body positions. Whether you can feel if your legs are together or open, whether your ankles are stretched with toes pointed, and you’ll be taught to use your eyes otherwise known as SPOTTING. All this will help your coach know what to expect of you in the future and give you a taste of the exciting challenges ahead!

Of course you’ll be wondering when your next steps towards success will be starting to jump and dive from the diving boards? Naturally you are very eager, and maybe you will be allowed to jump from various heights of the diving boards. There will be a few “dares.” But…patience is very important at this time, and for your coach. These exercises though great fun and simple will be forming the base of future good diving.

They provide a firm foundation to the variety of dives you’ll eventually be learning – but not until the time is right. Just imagine what would happen if the foundations of your house weren’t built firm and solid? – it would fall down! That’s why exercises are so important in your diving steps.

There will be certain tests, certificates and badges for you to strive for at the same time measuring your diving steps progress. If you are of competitive spirit you’ll be aiming to be better than anyone else…but remember all the others will be trying to be better than you!

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Eventually, depending upon your drive and ambitions, you’ll find that you may become individually taught or become part of a “squad”, to eventually to be trained and coached. Coaches look for someone just like you and you could be just the right person the coach has been waiting for!


Attitudes sometimes play greater importance in your diving steps than actual ability. Your attitude is the manner in which you approach your diving training. If you haven’t the ability at first, this can be taught, but to change someone’s attitude is far harder. Within your dreams of aspirations you’ve got to WANT to do it.

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