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Diving Coach becomes your important half – wouldn’t manage without!

Diving Coach becomes your important half – wouldn’t manage without!

Diving coach and yourself will form a very diving special relationship if you have dreams of representing your club or indeed becoming a top competition diver.
Whether for pure recreation or achieving your dreams, they will come true when the two of you develop a particular diving “language.” This communication will be unique, and only applicable to you and your diving coach. It will take time to develop this important diving communication.
If there is a problem and the explanation is unclear, don’t be afraid to tell your coach.

If it still remains unclear, then say so again and again and again. Your diving coach will eventually find an acceptable way of helping you work the problem out.
Many weeks are spent learning each others needs which are necessary to produce good diving results. Remember! you are as new to your coach as your coach is to you! You’ll get to know each others ways and you’ll become a “team.”
According to your abilities, your coach will place you with children that are of the same talent as yourself. This is preferred rather than the same age group.

Some children of a certain age group can be of completely different standards. Like us all some can learn fast and some take a little more time and the latter… quite possibly overtakes the high flyers in the long run!

Your diving coach is not only your teacher but becomes your friend. Always at your side to support, guide and advise. Your coach will be with you on your good days and on your bad days. You can guarantee that you will receive all the encouragement and attention you need.
Well then, after this basic introduction, are you still keen to have a go?

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Yes?! Then well done you!…we’ll go onto the next.

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