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Poolside diving support-how can Mum and Dad help? Attracts involvement!

Poolside diving support – how can Mum and Dad help?

Poolside diving support comes from Mum and Dad or other close relation,.  It’s particularly important when the child starts to attend classes. It’s good for both the children and parents to know about the why’s and wherefore’s of the sport – that is the diving contents knowledge base.

Mum and Dad’s understanding of springboard and high board diving is very helpful in order to support their children. This will help with ambitions and goals. Driving or accompanying them here there and everywhere from dawn to dusk.
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Encouraging their children “just by being there.” Watching them from the spectators gallery sometimes is just enough. Poolside parents will be better for it,  having insight into the sport. As well as sharing the excitement, diving is tremendously satisfying. They can “jolly” their children along! also encourage them with any diving “homework” they need to practise. And there is always an arm to go round when things are not going right.


Mum and Dad’s diving support can attract  participating involvement! There are multiple choices for this. Either on poolside aiding and learning how to teach; record; or acting as chaperones; maybe even sit in an officials chair!

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Mum and Dad’s poolside diving support can be in many other ways can help. On the social side, help is always needed to organise the very important events to raise funds. All this, and securing sponsorship gives the “diving centre roll.”
This funding will be towards the best facilities and equipment. Good social functioning within a club is very necessary…and fun. Children will be coached to the highest degree. There are many coaches, officials and members that exercise their specialist roles. Normally on a voluntary basis. Many avenues are to be explored and many positions to fill,  balcony, committee, poolside, and home.

Nothing can be more satisfying for parents understanding about springboard diving. They watch their small child starting as a complete beginner. Later graduating through the levels and feeling much pride. It’s thrilling to experience their little ones increase technical programmes. Graduating towards the more intricate and complex dives is exciting. The sport just like any other requires dedication, passion and TIME.

Either it be for recreation or competition heights, diving builds character and discipline. The sport results in much accomplishment and experiences especially for poolside helpers!

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