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Hidden talents with cheeky entry saves plus extra diving aids that will help with learning

Hidden,Hidden talents with cheeky entry saves plus extra diving aids


Hidden talents, extra diving aids and exercise programmes will help with your learning and gear you up to getting the most points possible on your dives. Your entries into the water are the last part of the dive that a judge and spectator sees. They may not be as clean (or splash free) as your coach may want . There will be questions as to why.

Some pools may have an underground passage that runs around the diving pool. Underwater techniques can then be watched. Your coach may pop down there and assess you as you enter the water. On many occasions the problem is spotted and suddenly coach has the answer those splashy entries.

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If you are VERY clever… and have hidden talents, you may have been taught an underwater technique that could fool the judges? (even your coach!) If you feel your body is going out of control as you enter the water – either by going over, or flatter (short), you could “save your entry.”

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Over rotating entry save


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Under rotating  (short entry) save

This happens under the water and out of sight to make it appear your stretched legs and feet are vertical as they pass through the water! This is clever stuff! Until you become a skilled diver however, and had your coach train you on saving techniques, for these faulty movements in the air,  you won’t be able to pull a fast one on the judges! Your efforts could mess up the dive more so!

Your coach and yourself will know that it’s much better to spend time on your take off. You will be guaranteed control in the air and on your entries. This will prevent having to “save” your dives. This way you’ll become more consistent …and… more honest! However, just occasionally there may be a blip, and quick thinking could add another point onto the judges score.

Your coach may be one who enjoys using other diving aids to teach new dives and exercises. For example, books, videos, films, photographs, posters, talks, live demonstrations, even springboards into sand pits (haha once upon a time).

Nowadays pools have a large screen video recorder constantly switched on to record a whole training session. The screen is normally situated at the side of the diving boards. This enables you to watch your performance a minute after you’ve dived it. Together with your coach’s instructions this helps you to perfect the dive even further.

The Dry Dive Gym
Ropes and Pulleys in the DIVE GYM is next! A huge one in the diving aids category!

The new pools built today, having a diving pool, will have a dry diving gym. This is marvellous and you can learn your new dives, perfect your take off and never get wet and cold! These gyms have a host of equipment from landing mats of all depths, springboards, bars, mirrors, vaulting apparatus and of course the spring of a floor!

The centre pieces within the dive gym are the trampolines. They have overhead pulleys and hoisting straps. You would be strapped into special belts. This then would enable you to carry on learning the complex twists and somersaults… to the coach’s delight too! As well as the serious aspect, it’s also good fun enabling many chances to be inventive.

Safely secured into the harness you would learn the exact spotting and timing, to begin stretching out from your diving shape to land a perfectly safe and comfortable entry into the water. A very experienced coach has to be in charge. Taking the weight and load of your body on the end of the ropes is a very responsible job.

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As a whole you will learn at a faster pace than just poolside exercises, diving boards and water!  Occasionally this gear is rigged up over the actual diving pool water.

You’ll learn new dives and your coach will take you through your paces at your own individual rate. You may not be aware of the hidden talents you have. There may not however be access to these fantastic facilities. This won’t matter and your coach will decide on programmes of poolside and diving board exercises. The results, after careful planning and patience will be just the same.

In these fantastic diving pools you will find more diving aids to help with your training. There will come the time that you move from the dry gym and “you have to have a go for THAT new dive for the first time into the water. ” Oh dear, what if I go wrong?” you ask yourself. “What if I hit the water at the wrong time in my dive?” whilst imagining the stinging and the bruising.

There is always an element of daring the first time you perform a different dive – especially if it involves extra somersaults with twists. To help you overcome these fears there is apparatus in the diving pool called a “bubble machine.”  

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When your coach counts you off the board, coach presses a switch on a hand set and guess what? a load of bubbles begin to rise up to the surface of the water from the pool floor. They continue rising up and above the water forming an air packed mound. (It’s better than any wave machine!) This mound will cushion your entry into the water if you make a mistake and it won’t hurt. Mind you…you have to go on the count of three – otherwise you’ll miss those vital bubbles.Before the machine was invented it was a practise to make a bubble wrap jacket out of your parents parcel packaging.  Seriously!

With all these supportive diving aids it won’t be long before your hidden talents emerge!

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