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Handstand Push Up Dives otherwise known as Armstand Dives

Handstand Push Up Dives otherwise known as Armstand Dives


Handstand push up or armstand dives are dives that are performed just what it says. You take off from your hands!

Handstand push up dives – Group 6

Handstand push up dives provide many challenges. It’s an extra achievement to being able to kick up and hold a steady balance on your hands. The guidance is at least 3 seconds before carrying the dive over into the actual performance of the dive. The diver is penalised 1 – 3 points if a steady arm balance has not been shown.

The dive is then carried through either in a forwards, backwards or reverse direction. The first Handstand dive you learn is a…
Handstand over.

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Handstand over dive

This starts from your hands, and you rotate forwards and over. You enter the water with your feet. How many half somersaults would this be?
More extra half somersaults will be added as you progress. Your handstand must be as solid as a ship’s mast.
How many half somersaults are there if you started on your hands and landed on your head? There can be two answers here

Answer 1
Think of a plain basic feet first jump. What happens if you perform a handstand “jump”. You wouldn’t rotate at all! so there are no half somersaults

Answer 2 
Well if you rotate forwards from your hands, over and then over again, completing 2 half turns you will land head first into the water then one somersault would have been completed.

Onto more handstand push up dives

handstand push up  cut through (a.jessel C.) gif image

Handstand cut through


This handstand is reversing the action. Once  up into a nice steady arm stand, can you see  the legs fall backwards towards the back wall of the board, round, and thread them through his hands! This at first is practised with one half somersault into a feet first entry, then gradually built upon with extra half somersaults. The action is in fact a reverse action from the hands.

On to more handstand dives.

A recently performed competition dive is a Handstand backwards.  You walk to the end of the board and turn round to face the wall at the back end of the board.

Handstand push up fall back - image

Handstand fall back

You bend over forwards and position your hands widespread outside of the feet with the palms of the hands just on the edge of the diving board. You would then gracefully and steadily raise your legs up over the water into a vertical position (a pike lift). After a steady balance of at least 3 seconds your legs and body will fall backwards to land in the water feet first.You’ll be facing the diving boards as he enters the water.  Another half somersault may be added, gradually building up with more This is in fact an backwards action from the hands.

Divers spend hours and hours in the dry gym practising their handstand push up balances. Against the wall; away from the wall; rotating forwards; cutting through (reversing) and rotating backwards. From the floor they move to a low platform to practise and land backwards onto very deep mattresses. They then graduate the “moves” from the poolside into the water then up onto the lower boards moving up to the highest board.

NB. Handstand push up dives otherwise known as Armstand are only performed from the firm board (platform).

It is remarkable to watch advanced divers practising multiple somersaults – forwards, backwards and reverse from their hands. It’s in the gym that they practice a whip of their lower legs to get the acceleration they need for turning, when performing multi somersaults.

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