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Outcome of Competition sometimes sees the easier dive win for you!

Outcome of Competition sometimes sees the easier dive win for you!

Outcome of competition results needn’t worry you. You shouldn’t be concerned that your closest opponent has a more difficult dive on the list…and will beat you? Not necessarily so. You can still win! despite your opponent’s higher degree of difficulty. Just hold yourself together and don’t be concerned that you can’t beat this extra clever diver going for the wow factor!

Your dive
Imagine that you performed a forward single somersault -102B – (B is your shape) from the 1M springboard, the degree of difficulty being 1.5.  The judges gave you these points and always the highest and the lowest are knocked off.  In this case the 4.5 and 5. The remaining points are added together 5+4.5+4.5 = 14  and multiplied by the degree of difficulty (the dive value) x 1.3.   This gives you the final score for your dive 21 points
Outcome of competitions - image
* Just something to bear in mind –  that if more than one judge gave the same highest or lowest points, one of those each would be knocked off.  Above you see your total points on the left and your rivals total points on the right.

Your Opponents Dive
Supposing you’re very confident opponent attempted this more difficult dive by adding an extra half somersault. This would be a one and a half somersault piked – 103B from the 1M springboard, the degree of difficulty being 1.7. Your rival scored these points…

The top and bottom points are knocked off,  the remaining marks are added together and then multiplied by the degree of difficulty 1.7 and the final score for the dive is 18.7 points.


Outcome of competition - image

So you see – although you went for the easier dive, the outcome of your dive results still scored higher than your opponent. But…on the other hand, if your opponent had performed the harder dive WELL, then that is a different matter!…and the sooner you learn it the better!

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As mentioned earlier, it’s a little bit of a gamble trying out harder and newer dives in competitions for the first time. This is what makes competition diving so exciting. You never know the competition results until the end of the very last round of dives.
Of course you WILL go on the win the competition! It’s such a milestone in your sporting life when you hold your first trophy. – You’re on the way to grabbing as many as you can.

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