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What’s diving? – Spacial awareness with style – that’s diving!

Spacial awareness with style – that’s diving!


What’s diving? Spacial awareness with a mix of strength, stamina, with gymnastic ability, synchronization, acrobatics and trampolining all rolled into one – but… in the air!  THAT’S diving!
A good diver makes every dive look easy. A diver offers grace and beauty that goes with spacial awareness and the aesthetic qualities. Nothing can beat the joy on the face of a child or adult when they accomplish a new dive, jump or exercise.
Everyone has a place within the sport of springboard diving and platform diving.

Whether in the sport for pure enjoyment and challenge, or for aspiring to become a champion, either has a place for them!
A diver may even one day want to give back everything they’ve learned by teaching, training and judging others!
Whichever way, a diver will find fulfilment and satisfaction in the sport of SPRINGBOARD and PLATFORM DIVING.
So dive up from the one metre springboard to the ten metre highboard into that RIP entry!

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There are further challenges up and beyond!

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Learning to Dive – So you want give it go? enjoy and come learn the skills

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